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Institut 2080
1. Září 2015

INSTITUTE 2080 is a right-wing think tank composed of academics, business, political and non-profit sphere representatives inspired by the well-known Paret rule. INSTITUTE 2080 uses their expertise and knowledge to select 20 percent of the most important measures to achieve most of the set changes. Our goal is to inspire politicians, public and private organizations, and individuals to achieve four fifths of results with one fifth of effort and time.

Fundamental values are freedom and responsibility for us. We call for the return of moderation and common sense. We refuse state-style forceful control that is characteristic of the current manner of government. We also reject the lenient left-wing experiments that destroy the natural cohesion of society as well as value-less profiteering that ignores national interest and long-term consequences for its surroundings.

The aim is to analyse the most burning social problems and to find original but simple and functional solutions. There is plenty of room to organize our environment better. As part of our research activity, we carry out the following:

  • monitoring the state of the society and political trends
  • analysing significant opportunities and threats
  • defining priorities and find key variables
  • seeking and evaluating the usability of best practice
  • benchmarking of existing approaches
  • adapting successful solutions and practical experience to the Czech environment



The impetus for the establishment of Institute 2080 was in the first place a crisis of governance, manifested as an inability to deal with the changes around us that have a major impact on security, prosperity and the preservation of freedoms and democracy in this country and across Europe. Political elites respond to it by trying to imprison society into further standards and rules that not only harm but directly threaten its democratic character. Their product is only bureaucracy and over-regulation, complexity and instability of legislation, lack of legal certainty and often absurd dysfunction and incompetence of the state administration.

The formation of the 2080 Institute has caused by the inability to find the real causes of the recent years’ crisis. Politicians have long been refusing to admit, and the media have often been deliberately ignoring a whole range of threats, which in the meantime have grown into unexpected proportions. In order to address, for example, chronic crises affecting Europe (immigration, eurozone, identity), islamic extremism or the transformation of the economy as a result of the development of digital technologies and global competition, we need new approaches and knowledge.

Methods and ideas of the Institute 2080 inspired its co-founders, Dr. Petr Robejšek and other co-workers, to the establishment of the Realists political party. Even after their departure, the Institute 2080 think tank remains an open and independent platform for the exchange of views and experiences of all right-wing / conservative citizens who feel the social responsibility and the need to help the country in which they live, work and bring up their children.



Our basic method is based on the principle formulated by the influential Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. He found that the cause and effect are rarely in a balanced relationship because some variables are more important to the outcome of the process than others. When we look around carefully, we find that most of the really significant events are only caused by a small number of influential variables. Of course, the 2080 principle does not always apply with perfect accuracy, but it can often be said that roughly one fifth of the reasons causes about four-fifths of the consequences.

In both life and politics, four fifths of energy, time, or finances are wasted on activities that will only move us one-fifth towards our goals. However, if most of our efforts are a waste of time and power, there is a great deal of room to improve our action. When we use our limited means and resources where their use is most effective, we have a great chance of achieving truly significant success.

In the increasing complexity of the environment, it is essential to identify key threats and opportunities in time and to find sensible (not necessarily ideal) solutions that are responsible, rational, balanced and restrained. We focus on topics that are important to everyone, but not on all topics. We focus on all the important topics, but not with all their details. We try to look at all the challenges not only from a national but also from a local perspective. This allows us to build on the community of people who share the same values, behaviour patterns, experience and attitudes.



"The crisis of the present, whether the causes are at first sight primarily in the economy or in politics, can be described as a spontaneous simplification and shrinking of systems, because people are able to create ubiquitous corporate conglomerates, multinationals, widespread organizational schemes and non-transparent transaction systems, but are unable to really control them. The reason is that maximization of profit and power is becoming more and more difficult, and this is reflected in the complexity of the structures that should serve it. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to comprehend and control these structures. If we summarize our current findings, we can say this: The current crises are more than anything a spontaneous breakdown of structures used to maximize profit and power. "

Petr Robejšek


 "Today's left-wing march through institutions is a real thing. The continuity of European civilization has been interrupted and its legacy is being made relativistic and dishonoured. Leftist liberalism controls the intellectual infrastructure of the West, sets the public discourse, determines the benchmarks of debate, and is the conviction of a large part of the elites. Under its influence, our civilization loses the ability to differentiate, prefer and reproduce itself. It is losing its identity, common sense and self-preservation. The purpose of conservatism must be in the defence of the heritage of Western civilization and of the voice of the silent majority, which is the foundation of society and the bearer of its values. "

Andrej Duhan


"The bureaucratisation of the democratic system has reached such an extent today that it practically does not allow a person to act freely in absolutely basic matters. An increasing part of our lives (from employment or business to the use of public space to the handling of private property) is part of an expanding network of laws, decrees and inspections. As a result, the feeling of helplessness is multiplied by the fact that in the growing jungle of laws, justice is more difficult and costly to enforce. The execution of power ceases to be comprehensible. "

Miroslav Balaštík



Dana Bérová, chairman of the board
Václav Cílek, member of the board
Petr Šmída, member of the board



INSTITUT 2080, z.ú.
Na Florenci 1686/9
110 00 Praha 1